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Canine Wellness Pricing

We want your pet to have the best care, and for you to be prepared for their visit financially.

Canine Wellness Physical Exam

$ 70

Our wellness physical exam includes our doctor consultation with you, a nurse discussing our wellness services, and a full physical examination of your pet.

Core Vaccinations

Rabies:  $30

Distemper-Parvo + Lepto: $50

Bordetella/Kennel Cough:  $40

Canine Flu (Bivalent):  $50

Pro-Heart 12 (1 Year)

1-25 lb:  $70

26-50 lb:  $90

51-76 lb:  $135

77-99 lb:  $170

A single injection for heartworm prevention that lasts an entire year!

Canine Wellness Bloodwork

Young Pets (<6 Years):  $120

Senior Pets (>6 Years):  $175

Our young wellness bloodwork panels include liver, kidney, immune system and electrolytes, along with heartworm and fecal testing.  For senior patients, the panel also includes urine testing.

Oral Prevention

Bravecto Flea/Tick 3 Month Chew:   $75

Sentinel Spectrum Heartworm/Intestinal Parasite Prevention 6 Months:  $80

In House Heartworm & Tick Disease Test


Our wellness bloodwork includes this test, but if you just need a heartworm test, we can do this in house on the day of your visit.  Our heartworm test (4DX) includes testing for the three common tick diseases.

Wellness Visit Pricing

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Our Recommended Wellness Services

Wellness Package Includes

Doctor Consultation + Physical Exam + Wellness Bloodwork + Vaccines + Heartworm Test + Fecal


Young Wellness Package Price

$360 [Includes Kennel Cough & Flu]

Senior Wellness Package Price

$415 [Includes Kennel Cough & Flu]

**Prevention Pricing Is Additional & Can Be Purchased At Your Visit Or Through Our Online Store.  ProHeart 12 Pricing is shown above and the injection is given on the day of your visit.

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