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Here For You & Your Pet
8 AM to Midnight

Oasis Animal Hospital provides pet urgent care & pet emergency care 7 Days A Week, 365 Days A Year.  

Same Day Urgent Care

Pet Urgent Care at Oasis helps your pet gets the care they need when your family veterinarian is unable to accommodate them or they don’t have a family veterinarian.   


If you are in need of a family veterinarian, our office offers general practice wellness or we can help you find a practice close to your home.

Daytime & After Hours Emergency

We are open to provide your pet the best care available when your family veterinarian is closed or for advanced surgical needs that they may not can provide.

We work closely with your family veterinary office to let them know you have visited us and will provide them with a complete summary of your visit, including all diagnostics, treatments, and medications provided.  

We Are Here For...

  • Trauma

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Lacerations

  • Lameness

  • Skin & Ears

  • Inappetence

  • Vision / Eye Issues

  • Pain

  • End Of Life Care

  • And More...


Concerned About Cost?

Our initial visit fee is $165, and once we have your deposit, our team of doctors and support staff will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan and help you navigate any financial concerns you may have. 


Along with Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, & eChecks, we also accept Care Credit, & ScratchPay.  

Diagnostic Services

In House Diagnostic Services

Oasis Animal Hospital is proud to serve The Upstate of South Carolina with advanced imaging, and diagnostics.

X ray icon.png

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray at Oasis is now the lowest dose radiation and still allows us to get the best images available to diagnose everything from fractures to GI issues.



Our entire team of doctors is trained to use our advanced ultrasound to aid in the diagnosis of everything from bladder stones, to GI issues.



With endoscopy, Oasis is now able to offer advanced diagnostics of stomach issues and even retrieve some foreign bodies (objects eaten by your pet) without abdominal surgery being required.

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