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Client Service Representative

As a CSR specializing in phone support, your primary responsibility will be answering incoming phone calls and providing excellent customer service to clients and pet owners. 


You will play a crucial role in ensuring that all callers receive a positive and efficient experience, addressing their inquiries, scheduling appointments, and directing them to the appropriate veterinary professionals when needed. 

This role is vital in maintaining a smooth flow of communication and enhancing the overall client experience within our veterinary office.


Key Responsibilities

  • Phone Communication: Handle incoming phone calls promptly and professionally, addressing the needs and concerns of clients, pet owners, and potential new clients.

  • Appointment Scheduling: Efficiently manage the appointment calendar by scheduling and rescheduling appointments for veterinary services, ensuring the most appropriate time slots are allocated.

  • Client Inquiry Resolution: Respond to client inquiries related to services, pricing, pet health, medication refills, and general information with accuracy and empathy.

  • Call Triage: Determine the urgency and nature of incoming calls and appropriately direct them to the relevant veterinary staff or provide appropriate advice as needed.

  • Maintain Records: Accurately update and maintain client records and databases with relevant information obtained during phone interactions.

  • Payment Processing: Assist clients with payment processing, invoice inquiries, and other financial-related matters over the phone.

  • Communicate with Staff: Collaborate and communicate effectively with veterinary staff to relay messages, provide updates, and address any client-related concerns.


  • Previous experience in a customer service or receptionist role is desirable.

  • Excellent verbal communication skills and a friendly, compassionate demeanor.

  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple phone calls simultaneously.

  • Basic knowledge of pet care, veterinary services, and medical terminology is advantageous.

  • Proficiency in computer systems, scheduling software, and electronic medical records (EMR) is beneficial.

  • Ability to remain calm under pressure and handle challenging situations with patience and professionalism.

  • Flexibility to work during regular business hours, including weekends and some holidays.

  • Note: This job description is tailored for a Veterinary Office Receptionist specifically focusing on phone support. Additional responsibilities may be assigned to the role depending on the needs of the veterinary office.

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