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Common Pet Health Myths: Debunked!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Our pets are cherished members of our families, and their well-being is of utmost importance. However, when it comes to pet health, there are numerous myths and misconceptions that can lead well-intentioned pet owners astray. In this blog post, we aim to shed light on some of the most common pet health myths and provide evidence-based information to help you make informed decisions about your furry friend's care. Here at Oasis Vet Clinic, we are here to serve you and your pet’s needs. If you are in the Greenville, Maudlin, or Simpsonville Area - come by our office today!

Myth #1: Dogs and cats can't get sunburned.

Reality: Just like humans, pets can get sunburned. While fur provides some protection, it's not enough to shield them from harmful UV rays. Light-colored and hairless pets are particularly susceptible. Sunburn can lead to painful skin conditions and even increase the risk of skin cancer. To protect your pet, use pet-safe sunscreen and limit their exposure to the sun during peak hours.

Myth #2: A dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth.

Reality: This myth is not only false but also potentially dangerous. Dogs' mouths contain a wide variety of bacteria, some of which can be harmful to humans. While it's true that dogs have enzymes in their saliva that can help break down certain substances, it doesn't make their mouths cleaner. Practicing good hygiene for both yourself and your pet is essential.

Myth #3: Feeding dogs and cats bones is a safe treat.

Reality: Contrary to popular belief, giving your pets bones can be dangerous. Bones, especially cooked ones, can splinter and cause choking, digestive blockages, or serious injuries to your pet's mouth, throat, or stomach. Instead, offer safe, pet-approved chew toys to satisfy their chewing instincts.

Myth #4: Cats always land on their feet, so they can't get injured from falling.

Reality: While cats are generally skilled at landing on their feet, it doesn't mean they're immune to injuries from falls. Cats can still sustain broken bones, internal injuries, or even death if they fall from significant heights. Always ensure windows and balconies are secure to prevent accidents.

Myth #5: My pet doesn't need regular vet check-ups if they seem healthy.

Reality: Regular vet check-ups are crucial, even if your pet appears healthy. Many health issues are not immediately apparent, and early detection can make a significant difference in treatment and outcomes. Preventive care helps catch potential problems before they become serious and costly. Be sure to visit your nearest animal hospital and keep those check-ups regular!

Myth #6: Cats should drink milk.

Reality: While it's a common trope in cartoons, many adult cats are lactose intolerant, meaning they lack the enzymes needed to digest milk properly. Feeding your cat milk can lead to digestive upset, including diarrhea. Stick to fresh water as their primary source of hydration.

Myth #7: Dogs eat grass when they are sick.

Reality: Dogs may eat grass for various reasons, including curiosity or as a natural behavior. While it's true that some dogs may eat grass when they have an upset stomach to induce vomiting, it's not a reliable or safe method for treating illness. Consult your vet if your dog is constantly eating grass or showing signs of illness.

Taking care of our pets involves providing them with the best possible care based on accurate information. Dispelling common pet health myths is a step towards ensuring your furry companions lead happy and healthy lives. Always consult with your veterinarian for the most reliable advice and guidance on your pet's well-being. By staying informed and making evidence-based decisions, you can be the best pet owner your furry friend deserves. Oasis is locally owned and operated by South Carolina natives.

We proudly provide the pets of Upstate South Carolina and beyond with daytime pet urgent care, pet emergency, puppy and adult pet wellness, pet dentistry, & surgery, including spay & neuter. We are a 8am-12am, located in the South East, and we are even open on Saturday and Sunday!

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